Having a good time in a club has become popular in recent years, and no one wants to be left out. If you’ve never been to a club before and are unsure what to plan, we’ve put up a list of suggestions to help you feel more at ease while out clubbing.

Get a company

It’s always a challenge to go somewhere new for the first time. This is important, especially if it’s your first time out to a club. Bringing a companion along is an excellent idea because you can constantly check over each other’s backs while still keeping an eye on yourself. Not only that, but let those close to you know where you’re going and who you’re going with.


Get your names on a ‘guest list.’

If you’re going to a club, the first step is to get your names on the guest list. A “guest list” is a unique promo that nightclubs often offer, and individuals who register for it receive perks like free entry, concessions, or even complimentary beverages. Even if it does guarantee whether you will be entering a nightclub or not, this can already allow you to skip the line that usually is separate from the public.

names on a 'guest list

You can run a search on Google or social media to find the guestlist for a particular club or get in contact with the correct people. For more information, you may also speak with the club’s or your hotel’s reception. Once you’ve successfully registered for one, please pay attention to the specifics, such as the dress code and the recommended arrival time.

Get a table booked

There is no way you will spend the entire night dancing on the dance floor if you have a large group with you. To avoid any discomfort and be on the safer side, book a table ahead of time for your group. However, keep in mind that the tables are expensive, so if you won’t be there for a long time, it’s preferable to save your money and not reserve one.

table booked

Dress appropriately

Everyone these days is a little more interested in fashion. However, knowing what to wear when going to a nightclub is important. Girls! You wouldn’t want your feet to swell when you danced all night in heels. Instead of wearing high heels, wear something that you feel comfortable in. Everyone needs to dress appropriately, including guys. Just make sure you follow the club’s dress code to avoid getting into trouble.

Carry the essentials

When visiting a nightclub for the first time, avoid bringing everything with you. Always remember that you won’t be confined to a single table or chair but will be free to explore the entire nightclub. If this is the case, avoid bringing anything heavy. Carry only the necessities, such as your ID (don’t forget it), mobile phone, credit/debit cards (don’t carry cash or coins), essential toiletries, and a handy purse you can tote around with you.

Carry the essentials

Don’t drive

Finally, avoid driving to a club because you will be fuzzy and exhausted on your way back home after partying all night. As a result, car-hailing apps like Uber are the best option.